Autumn 2021

Autumn is the end of our season here at Boulder Adventures, it means waterproofs and woolly hats instead of t-shirts and wetsuits, it means maintenance of our Watersports Centre, Mountain Centre and our woodland as the outdoor activities side of our business slows down.

This gives us time to reflect and be grateful for the amazing summer we have had. Thanks to all of the customers (lots of whom were delayed from 2020) who have made it to us this summer season.

It was well worth upgrading the facilities at the Padarn Watersports Centre earlier in the year, hiring the Sit-on-top Kayaks on Llyn Padarn was very popular with people exploring the area, Llanberis was full of fun-seekers during the lovely sunny summer.

The refitted and upgraded Padarn Water Sports Centre.

Winter will give us some time for improving the self-catering accommodation, we plan to upgrade the kitchen and drying room, decorate the bedrooms and make the house a cosy place for groups to stay.

For the rest of November any remaining dates are available with a 10% discount.

Dates can be viewed at

An Autumn Oak Leaf getting ready to fall.

We will also be giving the woodland continued attention, COP26 in Glasgow is re-highlighting the importance of habitat diversity. Over the last few years we planted many trees in our grounds and the hedgerows surrounding the property are much improved and seem to be supporting plenty of wildlife. So we will continue to maintain and improve these while clearing the many leaves that will fall over the next few weeks as we march towards winter 2022 and all the adventures next year will bring for the groups visiting Boulder Adventures, Llanberis.